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Does WebHostingBuzz support FrontPage?

No, we don’t. It is not supported by the latest version of cPanel.

Can I run an online store by using a shopping cart software?

Yes, you can and we provide many free shopping cart scripts for you to use. You can even install them with one click of a button. You would, however, need to use a shopping cart that is based out of PHP scripting language and MySQL database software.

Does WebHostingBuzz provide merchant accounts?

As a special offer we provide a free merchant account.
Our partnership with 2co offers a waiver of the first $10.99 monthly fee/application fee, collected during the application process, making it free to apply for the 2checkout Merchant account.

To get a coupon please submitting a ticket to billing at
To get an account, registration is required at

Do you support shared SSL?

We do not. You would need to buy a dedicated SSL certificate if you want to use it on your website.

We offer Comodo Positive SSL at $12.95/year. If you purchase an SSL certificate from us you get a discount of $10/year for a dedicated IP. Please contact billing for more details.

Can I use ASP on your servers?

Yes, but on Windows hosting only, i.e. Xen VPS/dedicated server with Windows OS or Windows Basic package.

Can WebHostingBuzz offer web design services?

We cannot offer full-fledged custom website design services at this time. WebHostingBuzz does, however, provide its clients with Softaculous script installer

This software is free to use and can be accessed inside the cPanel control panel.

Does WebHostingBuzz provide customized hosting solutions?

At this time we provide customized dedicated hosting solutions only.

Does WebHostingBuzz support JSP?

We do not support JSP on shared hosting plans. The recommended package is a dedicated server with 4GB of RAM min; however, you can start with Xen Platinum

Can WebHostingBuzz support DJango and Ruby on Rails?

Django is supported on our dedicated servers only, Ruby on Rails is also available on Business plans and on Platinum Reseller plan.

Does WebHostingBuzz host adult websites?

Adult content is prohibited on our servers.

Do you allow rapeedleech?

According to our AUP, running of public file exchange services is strictly prohibited

Can I do audio/video streaming?

It is not possible to do this on shared hosting as this kind of activity is too resource consuming. However you can stream on VPS/dedicated server.

The lowest VPS plan for audio streaming is Xen Silver, for video streaming it’s Xen Gold, Ovz Platinum. The recommended package is a dedicated server.

Important Considerations:

  • The size of the files you’ll be streaming and the number of people who will be watching/listening to them simultaneously.
  • The purpose of your hosting account: do you plan to have one website which streams audio/video or do you plan on hosting a lot of sites with various software and send lots of email as well?

If you are unsure what to do, please gather the full list of your requirements, including server requirements of your software and email our technical dept. We’ll gladly analyze the information and come up with the best offer.

Do you create backups on VPS/dedicated servers?

We do daily backups on shared hosting only (Web Hosting, Business, Reseller). You can set up automatic backups on VPS/dedicated server if you have cPanel as control panel. For a dedicated server you can also purchase an additional hard drive to store backups on it.

Windows Shared Hosting

We used to have Windows beta testing program, which was closed on June 7th 2011

Windows based cPanel hosting hasn’t been launched officially yet, but still we offer upgrading free accounts and accept new signups


  • $49.95/year
  • 100 GB disk space
  • 1000 GB/mo bandwidth
  • Enkompass control panel

Enkompass control panel is a hosting panel from cPanel developers designed for Windows hosting.

For more details please visit

To get shared Windows hosting account please visit

Windows hosting is unmanaged.

This package is not available on our website yet.

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