Billing Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about billing are listed here. Please, contact us if your question isn’t answered below.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees associated with our service. This is not the type of service we like to provide.

  • If you cancel your hosting account, you will be charged $15/year for domain transfer;
  • If you close your account within the money back period, we refund the money minus our processing fee.

Can I pay you through a credit card or use PayPal?

We take all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Additionally you can pay us through e-checks and BillmeLater (US only).

Can I renew my hosting plan at the same rate as I signed up for?

Yes. We offer unconditional prize freeze for all our plans. As long as you renew you pay the same price.

How do I re-bill?

Please log in to your client area and clear the invoice We generate invoices 10 days before renewal date for shared hosing plans and 5 days for VPS and dedicated servers. Auto-charge is also available, please contact billing for more information.

What happens to my account if I do not pay in time?

Shared server accounts (Web Hosting, Business and Reseller) and dedicated servers are active within 7 days after renewal date, for 8 days suspended and then terminated. Backups are stored for 30 days. Free domains expire on the due date. Reactivation period is about 27 days. After 27 days it is possible to reactivate a domain for $200 one-time fee as a domain

How can I reinstate my account if it was cancelled?

We store backups for 30 days, domain reactivation period is 30 days. Please email billing department if you want your account reinstated

Is it possible to upgrade my account?

Yes , it can be done at any time. Each upgrade request is submitted through a ticket to the billing dept at In most cases a transfer to a different server is involved, which leads to downtime due to DNS propagation. Please contact support for more information.

What’s your money back policy?

We offer unconditional 30 day money back on all web hosting plans. If the account holder cancels after the time period specified, there will be no refund given. We will deduct flat 3% administrative fee before initiating the refund. Refunds do NOT apply to dedicated servers, dedicated IP addresses or domain registration related fees. Refunds are not applicable to account renewals.

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