PHP Info Page

In the following article we’ll explain what is a phpinfo page, how to create and use one, and why it might be helpful.

PHP Info Page

Using phpinfo page

PHP Info, or in fact phpinfo() is a standard PHP function that outputs many technical details of PHP installation. It allows to see the PHP version installed on the server, some system information, and details regarding modules and extensions.

PHP version can be found at the very top of this page:

PHP Version

You can also find basic system information – operating system, server hostname, build, etc in the first section of the phpinfo page:

PHP System Information

You can look for a specific function, module, or extention by simply scrolling though the page.

To save time you can use the Search or Find function of your browser:

PHP Info Search

Creating phpinfo page

This is easy and straightforward. Please, follow these steps:

1. Create a new blank text file. Let’s name it phpinfo.php

2. Open this file in your favorite text editor and paste the following code:

phpinfo ();

3. Upload this file to the directory your website is being served from. Normally it would be public_html – on WebHostingBuzz Shared Hosting and on any cPanel-powered VPS or dedicated server.

4. Open a browser and navigate to the location on the server you uploaded the file to, for example,

References: – PHP: phpinfo – Manual

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