Account Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about web hosting accounts are listed here. Please, contact us if your question isn’t answered below.

I have just purchased an account with you. When will it be activated?

It will take nearly 6-12 hours to activate it. All account login details such as your control panel login information, DNS info et cetera will be sent in your welcome email.

But, please, note that notifications from 2Checkout come right after the transaction has been processed successfully.

I signed up with but you still didn’t receive any login details. Why?

Account login details are sent automatically by our billing system as soon as an account is activated.

If by any chance you did not receive a welcome email please:

  1. check spam directory, sometimes notification emails may get there
  2. contact live support and we’ll gladly check what is wrong and send you an email manually

Please take into consideration that account activation may take 6-12 hours for shared hosting and up to 24 hours for VPS orders.

My hosting account was suspended. What should I do?

Actually there are two main reasons for suspension:

  • For a billing issue

If you are late paying your bill, then we’ll suspend your account until you bring payment up to date. Log into the client order area and make sure there are no outstanding invoices.

  • For AUP violation

Your account will be definitely suspended for spamming, hacking, port scanning, adult or offensive content and resource abuse. You will receive the suspend notification on your contact email address if you violate the policy of our company. Please reply to it ASAP to get the issue resolved.

If your account is suspended more than 3 times for any of the above reasons, unfortunately we will ask you to move your account to more resource intensive servers (as dedicated ones) or to find a new hosting company.

For serious offences (warez/mp3s/child pornography), your account will be terminated without notice and your contact details may be passed to the relevant authorities. We have a zero tolerance policy towards this.

Would I be able to upgrade my hosting account?

Yes. You would need to get in touch with our billing department and they would sort it out for you. You do not have to worry cause if your current hosting plan is not going to expire soon we will deduct unused amount of money from the new invoice.

How to change my cPanel user name?

We would need to delete your current account first and then create your cPanel hosting account again on the web server to complete this task. If you are okay with this, you can get in touch with the support department and they can handle it for you.

Is it possible to change the main domain of an account?

  • Web hosting, Business hosting – YES

Domain name changes are made by WHB billing support team for free.For this the ticket should be submitted to the billing department at

If new main domain exists as addon or parked one, it needs to be removed from cPanel first

  • Reseller Hosting with private nameservers – NO

We do not change main domain for resellers who use private nameservers ( ns2.

If domain change is essential we can only recreate an account from scratch. Works for those who just signed up and don’t have any content yet.

  • Reseller hosting with anonymous (default) nameservers – YES

Most likely it is possible to change the main domain in this situation. For more details please contact technical dept via our help desk

How do I provide web hosting services to my clients or friends?

Buy a reseller hosting plan from us and you can do it quite easily.

Do you offer private domain name servers with the reseller hosting plans?

Yes we do. They cost $20 one time fee with Reseller Basic plans and are free with the rest of the packages.

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