How to install web software manually

To perform manual installation of a software, you will need to do the steps provided below.

[alert style="info"]This is a standard How-To suitable for most software. However it’s recommended to always read the Readme.txt included in the installation archive as it may contain additional details related to a particular software installation.[/alert]

  • Upload the installation archive to a document root of a domain or a subdirectory, depending on where you want to install the script
  • Extract files in cPanel File Manager
  • Create a MySQL database for the installation
  • Using your browser, go to the location of your newly uploaded files by typing in the address bar:

http:/ – if you uploaded files to a document root of a domain – if you uploaded files to a sub-directory

On the database configuration page fill in the database name, username and password.

  • host: localhost
  • database name: cpaneluser_databasename (e.g.: me_wiki)
  • user: cpaneluser_databaseuser (e.g.: me_wikiuser)
  • password: the password for the user that you’ve created in MySQL databases for the particular database

All these details can be checked in

cPanel > Databases > MySQL databases

These are mostly the only settings you may need, but in some cases you could be asked to specify the port number.

  • port: 3306

In some cases you could be also asked to change permissions for certain files. You can do that using the FTP client or through the cPanel File Manager on the top toolbar.

Do not forget to remove the installation files as soon as the installation is completed.

[alert style="danger"]Please keep in mind that updating the scripts you have manually installed in a timely manner is crucial for the security of your account. Outdated software gets hacked every day, so if you don’t want to become a victim of a site break-in, you need to make sure your scripts are updated at all times, and all security patches are installed upon their release.[/alert]

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