General FTP Settings

FTP account information

You can access your FTP account:

  1. Using cPanel account login details (default FTP account)
  2. Create additional FTP account via cPanel (add-on FTP account)

[alert]When you use cPanel username and password you get access to all directories of your account. If you want to connect or grant someone access to a particular directory only you need to use an add-on FTP account, which can be created manually or is created automatically when you add a subdomain or addon domain to cPanel.[/alert]

Basic FTP settings

Host: Use your domain (without http://www.) or server IP address

Username: cPanel username (for default FTP account); [email protected] (for add-on FTP accounts)

To check add-on FTP account name go to:

cPanel > Files > FTP accounts

Password: cPanel password (for default FTP account); add-on FTP account password.

It can be reset if needed:

cPanel > Files > FTP Accounts > Change password

Port: standard FTP port we use is 21. If you are connecting via SFTP please use 65321

Popular FTP clients

Here is the list of popular FTP clients with download links.

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