DDoS Protection

A DDoS-protected server needs to be assembled with special expensive hardware with ability of blocking IPs on the deepest levels.

We provide basic DDOS protection, which helps to limit the amount of connections to the server. Although we do not provide specific DDoS-protection services, we perform constant pro-active monitoring of our servers.

The technology we use

  • lfd/csf firewall

The firewall filters out the IP addresses involved in the attack and promptly block them.

Deamon processes monitor failed authentication attempts via different applications and protocols and also block the IP addresses responsible if the limit of such attempts is crossed.

Port Flooding Detection identifies IP or port flood and mitigates it, helping to block the malicious traffic.

  • SpamAssassin

This is an effective software purposed to block spam.

  • ClamAV

Antivirus protection software.


The Cisco intelligent routing hardware we employ in our data centers also helps analyze the network traffic and mitigate a DDoS attack through the usage of denial rules and filters over certain protocols.

Our technical staff can also forward the malicious traffic to an imaginary invalid interface, allowing our network to remain stable even under heavy load. This measure is known as Black Hole Filtering. In the most severe cases, we can also avoid further malicious traffic by changing the server’s IP address, although this is undesirable due to the inconveniences this may cause our customers.

There is no way to fully protect from DDoS, however, when such issues occur we react immediately and try to filter incoming traffic. We use Nagios monitoring system that notifies us at once when some issues on any of our servers arise.

More information on firewall we use

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