At WebHostingBuzz, we go above and beyond to provide our users with maximum possible security. In our mission to enhance security, we use CageFS on all of our shared and reseller servers running under CloudLinux.

CageFS is a virtualised file system which gives each user an isolated ‘cage’, similar to how VPSs work in relation to a whole dedicated server, but with a number of differences including enhanced security.


There are a number of advantages to using CageFS, which include:

  • Complete user isolation, individual filesystem, processes, resources etc.
  • Users are prevented from seeing server files such as Apache configuration files
  • Users can still see the /proc filesystem, but cannot see other users’ processes and have a limited view of their own.
  • As each user is isolated, they cannot affect other users which are on the same server. For example, processes such as Apache, Cron Jobs, SSH etc. are all unique and individual for each user.

So be rest assured that as a customer of ours, we do our best to ensure hacking is a thing of the past.

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