Getting started with web hosting

Domain questions

Already a domain name owner?


Point it to our name servers which can be found in the welcome email we sent you, or contact live support to find out what your nameservers are. After the DNS propagation period that takes from 24 to 72 hours your domain will be accessible from all over the world.


We can register a new domain name for you (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info). Open a billing ticket if you haven’t ordered a domain registration when signing up.

To check whether a domain is available, you may use a form at, our cooperative domain registrar.

Hosting account questions

How to upload website content?


You can use your default FTP to access all directories of your account (login and password same as for cPanel)

But if you want to grant access to a particular directory and its sub-folders, you can create an additional FTP account

cPanel > Files > FTP accounts > Add an ftp account
  • Fill out the required information
  • click Create FTP account

To work with FTP you will need an FTP client

File Manager

cPanel > Files > FileManager

[alert]Main domain content should be uploaded to public_html
Addon domain files go to public_html/
Subdomain content should be published to public_html/subdomain[/alert]

How to use email service?

Create an email account

Mail > E-mail accounts
  • Add an e-mail address
  • Fill out the required information and click Create account

How to check email?

You may use Webmail allowing you to access your email through a web browser.

URLs to login to Webmail:

A more convenient option is to use an email client.

[alert]Please make sure that an email account is created in cPanel.[/alert]

In your cPanel go to:

Mail > Email accounts

The email account should be on the list of existent email accounts, otherwise you need to create it.

Please see the manuals for most commonly used email clients.

Need help with building a web site?

We offer Softaculous auto-installer, which provides one click installation for such scripts as blogs, content management systems, shopping carts, forums and many more.

Useful cPanel features

AWSTATS (statistics software)

To enable Awstats (disabled by default):

cPanel > Logs > Choose Log Programs

Check Awstats and the domain(s) you would like to get statistics for

To view the statistics:

Logs > Awstats

Please note that Analog and Webalizer are disabled on shared servers due to their resource intensive nature.

You can also update Awstats manually, for this purpose please enter Awstats (Logs > Awstats) and click the button Update Now on top of the page.

[alert]Manual updates are available since the very first update, which may take 24-72 hours.[/alert]

Create an addon domain

Addon domains are separate domains that have their own content and managed by one cPanel account:

cPanel > Domains > Addon Domains
  • Put the desired domain name and FTP account password
  • click Add Domain

Create a subdomain

Subdomains prefix to your domain name and point to a subdirectory within your public_html folder

Domains > Subdomains
  • Put the desired prefix in the Subdomain field.
  • click Create

Create a parked domain

Parked domains are so-called aliases: they all replicate the content of customer’s main domain (domain1 same as domain2)

Domains > Parked domains
  • Enter the domain you wish to park in the available text field.
  • click Add Domain

Billing questions

Client Login

Client area for Shared server users – log in here
Here you can:

  • view your personal information associated with your hosting account
  • update this information
  • view product details
  • view paid and outstanding invoices
  • print invoices
  • pay outstanding invoices

[alert]This client area is available for those customers who signed up after October 2006. Those who signed up before October 2006 are billed automatically. Personal info and valid credit card details can be updated here[/alert]

If you unsure what to do, you may contact live support for assistance.

Important billing information

To login to your Client Area you need to use your contact email address (the one you signed up with). Please make sure it is valid as we use it to contact you and send invoice notifications.

Web Hosting/Business Hosting/Reseller Hosting

We send the first invoice notification 10 days before the due date, after the due date you have 7 days to clear the invoice, otherwise your account will be suspended and canceled in 8 more days.

VPS/dedicated servers

We send the first invoice notification 5 days before the due date, after the due date you have 3 days to clear the invoice, otherwise your account will be suspended and canceled in 5 more days.

When your account gets canceled, you no longer have access to your account/data/cPanel/mail.

After an account gets cancelled we store a backup for 30 days. You can take this backup away for $25 if do not wish to keep hosting with us.

If you would like to continue using our services, you will need to pay only $10 for backup restoration + the renewal fee for your hosting account.

After 27 days’ time a domain goes to a redemption zone and stays there for approximately 90 days. A Redemption Grace Period fee of $200 must be paid in order to get it back.

Waiting until redemption period is over to re-register a domain is strongly discouraged, as the 90-day term is very indefinite and mainly depends on a domain registrar. It is entirely possible for you to lose the domain and for it to be taken by someone else.

To summarize, it would be in your best interest to take care of a domain within 27 days if it has expired.


  • Phone Support and Live Support

These are for sales/pre-sales, simple technical questions, often referred to as “level 1” support.

  • Help Desk

This is the place for more difficult questions or problems and is serviced 24×7 by customer service staff and technical support.

Billing department working hours:

8am - 00am GMT+2

Billing issues can be addressed any time but please consider the timeframe specified when waiting for a response. Billing support is available via Help Desk only.

Useful Links

Helpdesk (requires separate registration)


Our forum is regarded as a means of notifying our customers about all the important, ongoing and upcoming events.

It’s highly recommended to subscribe and get updates to your email if any server issue arises:

  • go to your server section
  • click Forum Tools > Subscribe to this Forum.

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