Which VPS to choose?

There are different different types of virtualization. Xen is more isolated than oVZ; as a result, it provides more “independence” on a VPS carrier. Also Xen virtualization is a requirement for those who need Windows OS.

VPS packages

oVZ and XEN Basic

The Basic plan is the least expensive virtual server you can get at WebHostingBuzz.com. Its low cost is ensured by minimal resource provision. Resources available on VPS Basic are enough to run LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and not resource intensive content.

The only drawback of a VPS Basic is that it does not support cPanel, which minimally requires 256 MB of RAM – all guaranteed amount of memory, so there would be no constantly available RAM left for other processes to be run.

oVZ and XEN Bronze

If you need the cheapest cPanel-based VPS for Blog, Forum, CSM hosting or dynamic flash-coded content – VPS Bronze is exactly what you need.

This package is perfectly suitable for upgrades from shared hosting package or for initial setup of accounts, which may not meet shared server requirements.

oVZ and XEN Silver

VPS Silver is a plan which officially has no unsupported features. Almost all software can be run on it; however you should keep that resource intensive software such as video streaming or other media server solutions may require a higher plan.

oVZ and XEN Gold/Platinum

Those two top VPS packages perfectly cope with any tasks and are fine with any kind of software being installed on it. Apart from Master Reseller plans support and ability to host WordPress plugins/addons or collaboration or social networking tools, both VPS Gold and Platinum packages allow such additional installations as Java Tomcat and ffmpeg or other multimedia (e.g. ShoutCast).

Control panels

Currently we provide our customers with the following control panel: cPanel and Webmin.

cPanel Webmin
  • $8/mo
  • free
  • user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • for advanced users
  • automates a lot of procedures
  • most of procedures are done manually
  • resource intensive
  • needs less RAM
  • client’s control panel (cPanel) and admin control panel (WHM)
  • admin control panel only
  • purposed to manage web sites
  • purposed to manage the machine
  • supported
  • self-managed

More advantages of cPanel

If you are not managing dozens of sites, an interesting alternative is Virtualmin. You can use it to get Reseller type functionality out of your VPS that is installed with Webmin, too. The way that you accomplish this is by loading VirtualMin from www.webmin.com into your Webmin Modules Section.

This will allow you to create Webmin accounts for your customers so that they can manage their own Domains, quotas, email, subdomains, MySQL Databases and so on in one click. It provides a simple interface for managing customer sites.

As for the security of cPanel and Webmin, it is almost on the same level though some companies consider cPanel more secure and reliable than Webmin. Anyway, it is still advisable not to stop just at a default base configuration or various internal options, if security has the highest priority.

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