Uploaded file is 0 bytes

So you’ve just uploaded a file and it appears as 0 bytes on your server.

Most likely there was a problem with the upload:

  • The file was corrupted during transfer. This could have been caused by connectivity glitch between your PC and server
  • Full disk space on the server. If the disk space is full on the server it may cause issues similar to this with uploading
  • The file was corrupted prior to upload. Please ensure that all files you upload are functioning correctly

Possible solutions are:

  • Retry the upload – simply delete the file on FTP and upload it once more
  • Try using SFTP, this can sometimes resolve connectivity issues by creating a secure connection between you and server
  • Try setting your FTP transfer settings to Passive Mode
  • Try using a program such as 7zip to compress your files. You can configure this program to save the larger files in multiple “archives” (parts). Smaller parts decrease the chance of corruption during the upload.


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  • Tekeste Gebreanenia

    Thank you so much. My case was Disk Space was full.